In Season & In Supply:

  • Japanese Pumpkin: Japanese pumpkins have been responding to the great weather in Gatton. Prices will decrease as there is a slow demand and huge numbers entering the market.
  • Brown Onion: SA brown onion prices have slightly decreased but farmers are still struggling with a shortage of staff and transportation issues. Prices for brown and red onions will drop further when the local season begins.
  • Cherries: Thankfully our growers in Rosegarland, Tasmania, have another pick scheduled before the cherry season wraps up. Next week will be the final harvest which means cherries will continue to circulate for another 2 weeks. 
  • Finger Lime: Finally finger limes are back in season in Mount Mee! The season has just begun with numbers increasing over the next weeks and lasting until winter. 

In-Demand & In Shortage:

  • Strawberries: VIC & SA growers have had to deal with unfortunate weather and a staff shortage due to Covid-19 restrictions. Numbers have been bare minimum resulting in high prices. There will be a very limited supply until April when our local Sunny Coast season begins.
  • Cherry Tomatoes: With the disaster last week where no cherry tomatoes were available and now this week, where farmers in Bundy & WA have been only able to pick a small amount due to Covid-19 staffing complications.  Cherry tomatoes will be delivered in punnets as they have already been pre-packed. Prices will remain high for a while. 
  • Red Onions: Most farmers are in similar positions with the shortage of pick packers due to Covid-19 restrictions and regulations. Prices have increased slowly over the last month but farmers are hoping that numbers will increase in the next 3-4 weeks which will help with prices. 
  • Asparagus: In addition to the shortage of staff, VIC has experienced large storms resulting in a short season for asparagus. Prices will remain high, as with demand, despite the season coming to an end.