FMD Produce – Wholesale Fruits And Vegetables Delivery Brisbane


FMD Produce is a fruit and vegetable supplier operating out of Brisbane, Australia. We have been operating for a number of years in this area, and we have grown to serve a large and diverse range of clients in the private sector. We work to provide top quality produce to all of our customers, through sourcing the produce to offering fresh produce delivery to customers who need it.

We sell a large range of wholesale fruit and veg in a market where customers are often fastidious, and rightly so. We pride ourselves on being one of the wholesale fruit and veg suppliers in Brisbane with great relationships with a number of farmers and produce manufacturers. This means that we as a food wholesaler have access to a huge range of different kinds of produce, and we can offer it straight from the source to our own customers.

Fruit wholesale

Fruit wholesale is a great way to acquire the quantity of fruit that your business needs, at a price that is more reasonable and manageable for you. Compared to some of the other fruit and veg suppliers in Brisbane, we also offer delivery services, which we do in order to make our service as convenient and accessible as possible to a wide range of customers. Fresh fruit and vegetable wholesalers often do not offer such a comprehensive service as us, which is why we pride ourselves on being one of the only fruit and vegetable wholesalers in Australia with such a diverse and supportive range of customer services in addition to our fruit and vegetable wholesaling.

If you are a business looking for a new fruit and vegetable wholesaler to deal with, why not try FMD produce? We work tirelessly to provide our customers with the freshest and tastiest produce that is available in the Brisbane area.